Racing Against Time :personal note
by Chris Evert

I consider myself very fortunate and very blessed to have met a man like Tony Anjoubault. From the first moment I met Tony, I knew he was special. He exuded courage and strength unique to those who have faced adversity in the toughest form.

Playing tennis was an individual sport that at times left me self absorbed. When the opportunity arose in California to meet Tony, talk to him and give him some words of encouragement, I was happy to do so because I was touched by his wife Anita's intense passion and determination in fulfilling his wish to meet me.

But after a series of conversations on the phone that we had, I realized I was the one benefiting from these talks because I was slowly gaining insight on how delicate, yet precious life is. Tony taught me that there were no limitations in the strength of the human spirit and that positive energy is essential to get through the discouraging and seemingly hopeless times.

Inadvertently throughout the last 6 months of Tony's ordeal, I had gained an even greater appreciation for my husband, Andy Mill. At times when I was preoccupied by a myriad of professionally commitments, Andy would instinctively step in to fill the void with his humor, concerned voice, and sensitivity to life Tony's flagging spirits. As a team we attempted to help sustain the flickering light of our new friend's life.

I've met thousands of people during my travels and being a very private and guarded person, I very rarely let any strangers into my life, but my instincts told me Tony and Anita were very special and that it would be a rewarding relationship for me. I really hope by reading Racing Against Time, everyone will learn the valuable lessons that Tony has learned the hard way. Enjoy each moment and don't wait until something tragic happens to you before you appreciate the essentials of life. Don't take the simple things for granted: family, health, friendships; those are the staples of life.

My love and support continue to go out to Tony and his brave wife, Anita, in their courageous journey to educate and create an awareness of the complexities involved in organ transplantation.

foreword by
television personality/world famous singer
Jim Nabors

medical commentary by
director of the UCLA liver transplantation
& chief of surgery
Dr Ronald W Busuttil





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